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Our surgeons

Dr. Mullie

Dr. Marc Mullie, MD

Ophthalmologist, FRCSC

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Dr Jabbour

Dr. Samir Jabbour, MD

Ophthalmologist, FRCSC

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Dr Edelstein

Dr. Chaim Edelstein, MD

Ophthalmologist, FRCSC

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Dr. Guillaume Mullie

Dr. Guillaume Mullie, MD

Ophtalmologist, FRCSC

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 Our Team

The Laservue team includes over 20 professionals devoted exclusively to refractive surgery, including LASIK and refractive intra-ocular lenses. Our team includes optometrists, patient education counselorsopticiansnurse and surgical assistants, and technicians.


As a health care consumer and future vision correction patient, you want to find the best option for your eyes. With our internationally recognized expertise, personalized exams by our surgeons, our highly qualified team and our latest generation technology, Laservue offers you refractive surgery of the highest quality possible.