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The best technology for the safest procedure

Laser eye surgery has evolved considerably over the past 25 years, to the point where it has become very safe. This safety has been accentuated by a great technological advance: "Bladeless Lasik".


At Laservue we prefer "Bladeless Lasik" by far to "Lasik with a blade", not only for safety reasons but also for better visual results. We consider that our Ziemer Z6 laser is the best "femtosecond" laser to accomplish this task. It is the only "megahertz" laser on the market, which means the only laser that can deliver millions of pulses per second, unlike the others that deliver thousands (“kilohertz”).
The other important technical advance was undoubtedly the arrival of a new technology called "customized" or "personalized". The new generation of excimer lasers, including our Alcon Wavelight Allegretto EX500, is equipped with this technology.

This laser is also equipped with an ultra-sophisticated eye tracking system allowing a perfect centration of the treatment on the cornea. Also, this laser can deliver a very large treatment area to prevent the incidence of halos, and allows excellent night vision.

Why Lasik without a blade?

The traditional method of creating the "lamella" or "flap" in the cornea is to use a motorized instrument called a "keratome" which uses a blade oscillating at high speed. Several clinics still use this technique which involves certain additional risks.

Apart from increased safety we consider that Bladeless Lasik is superior to Lasik with a Blade for several technical reasons that we will explain to you. This is why the Laservue Clinic no longer practices the Lasik with a Blade.

In Bladeless Lasik the creation of the "flap" is performed by means of a "femtosecond" laser which delivers thousands or millions of pulses per second to a precise depth in the cornea. The advantages of Bladeless Lasik are increased safety, smoother treatment, better stability of the "flap" and more precise treatment. The end result is better postoperative vision.

Bladeless Lasik with the Zeimer Z6 Femtosecond laser

Our brand new Ziemer Z6 PLUS femtosecond laser is the first in North America. It applies millions of pulses per second ("megahertz") to create a flap in the cornea, called the "bladeless" technique.
This "megahertz" laser is 1000 times faster than existing "kilohertz" lasers such as Intralase, Visumax from Zeiss or FS200 from Wavelight.

Ultra-fast and ultra-small pulsations contain 30 times less energy than the pulsations of the other femtosecond lasers ensuring a very soft and very smooth treatment on the cornea.
Moreover, its precision allows the creation of very accurate, thin flaps (about 100 microns), and of constant thickness, a method that we have popularized for more than 10 years ("Thin Flap Lasik"). Preservation of the corneal tissue also ensures good long-term corneal stability.

Our introduction of this method reduced the retouching rate from 5% to 0.1%.


ZiemerAlcon Wavelight Allegretto EX500