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The worry and fear of blindness are the main reasons that prevent patients from proceeding to Lasik surgery.  Everyone has a visceral reaction to the thought of having eye surgery. The truth is that no one has ever gone blind after Lasik!


The decision to undergo Lasik is often more emotional than rational

People are afraid and suspicious!... As a result of 20 years of advertising that is often aggressive, contradictory, and not always honest or even misleading. Our experience is that people inquiring about Lasik are often confused, and do not know which information to believe.  They are seeking a credible surgeon to perform an excellent procedure on their eyes.  They seek a clinic that they can trust to provide excellent care that is safe in a transparent and open way.  They will often express feelings to us such as:  "I want to know that my Lasik procedure will be performed by a surgeon who is skilled, who will use all of his talent to insure the best possible outcome, that I can believe to honest..."

All of the technical details and statistics in the world have little influence on a patient’s decision to go forward with Lasik.  For example, a patient will not choose "bladeless" Lasik because we tell him it is better, but rather because he or she believes that we are telling the truth.

There is a lot of misinformation on the web on Lasik and refractive surgery, from sites that promise you the moon, to others seeking to dissuade you with scare tactics!  We find that prospective patients are seeking truth and honesty, not a site promising dreams or nightmares!

So the key patient question is: "Do I trust my eyes to this clinic?"


We believe that the only way to overcome your fear and answer “yes” to this question is a consultation and examination with our knowledgeable clinical staff. Book your free consultation today.