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Examination by your surgeon


Dr. Mullie and Dr. Balazsi consider that eye surgery is a very important decision and that eye examination should not be exclusively entrusted to technicians. Our philosophy is to establish a relationship of trust between the surgeon and his patient. The only way to ensure this link is a personalized review by the surgeon and a detailed discussion with each client about the type of surgery and its benefits.


It is normal to feel fear when considering laser eye surgery ... After all, our eyes are our most precious asset.  Having undergone laser eye surgery themselves, the Drs. Mullie and Balazsi understand your emotions, and the time spent with them during the personalized exam will help you build a relationship of trust.

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Unmatched expertise

With 25 years of surgical expertise, the Laservue Clinic is a private company founded in 1993 by Dr. Marc Mullie and Dr. Gordon Balazsi, ophthalmologists then associated with McGill University.

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Experts in lasik, internationally recognized, Dr. Mullie and Dr. Balazsi are among the most experienced laser surgeons in the world. They have performed more than 100,000 procedures over the past 25 years. They have taught their technique of laser surgery to many colleagues in Canada and the United States as well as in Europe.
They perform surgeries using the "High Definition Bladeless Lasik" technique with the most sophisticated lasers such as the Ziemer Z6 femtosecond laser and the Schwind Amaris excimer laser, both the first of their kind in North America. These lasers are part of the new generation of refractive surgery technology.

Experience You Can Trust!

Drs. Mullie and Balazsi will honestly discuss with you about the benefits and risks of laser surgery, including the few possible complications and side effects. The goal is not to frighten you but to help you make an informed decision... This is what we call "informed consent".

The vast experience of the Drs. Mullie and Balazsi for more than 25 years is the main reason for offering safe surgery to all our patients. The technology is important but dexterity, judgment and technical excellence are the paramount factors guaranteeing a highly safe treatment.


Exceptional results!

A study conducted on a series of our patients shows that 99.7% achieve 20/20 or better vision the next day! Only 0.3% need a low prescritpion for certain activities such as driving at night.

In more than 50% of cases the vision is 20/15 - a line better than 20/20, thanks to "Personalized Bladeless Lasik".

Our surgeons

Dr Gordon Balazsi

Dr Gordon Balazsi, MD
CV of Dr Balazsi

Dr Marc Mullie

Dr Marc Mullie, MD
CV of Dr Mullie