Safety and expertise

Safety with the best instruments

Lasik has greatly evolved over the past 20 years, to the point that it is now considered a very safe procedure.  The greatest advance has been the introduction of "Bladeless Lasik" (see section below on Procedures and Technology).

At Laservue, we prefer by far to use "Bladeless Lasik" as opposed to Lasik with a blade, not only for its enhanced safety but also because of better visual results.  We feel that our Ziemer Z6 femtosecond laser is the best technology to achieve this goal.  It is the only "megahertz" system on the market, meaning that it delivers several million tiny pulses per second, as opposed to others that deliver larger pulses in the thousands per second.


The other important advance has been the latest generation of excimer lasers such as our Schwind Amaris, the first in North America and still the only one in Quebec.  This laser has an updated tracking system that follows the optical center of the eye and corrects for any small movements.  In addition, the Schwind treats a very large optical zone, thus minimizing the incidence of halos and optimizing night vision.