Dry Eye Treatment (LipiFlow)

The LipiFLow system is a novel treatment for dry eyes. Laservue is the first clinic in Quebec equipped with LipiFLow.

The tear film has 3 component layers. Mucins on the surface of the eye, over which is the water "aqueous" layer, and an external oily layer. This oily layer is produced by small glands at the edge of the eyelids.

About 90% of cases of dry eye are caused by obstruction of these glands. There is a lack of oils, resulting in evaporation of the 2 underlying layers.
Typical symptoms include irritation, contact lens intolerance and eye fatigue. Their severity tend to increase throughout the day, and is worsened by situations which favor evaporation of the tears (wind, heating, air conditioning, prolonged computer use with reduced frequency of blinking).

Treatment aims to unblock these glands using heat to melt the oily secretions, along with compression of the lids to express them. The LipiFLow(tm) system is the most recent and effective treatment for this form of dry eye:  after instilling anesthetic eyedrops, a disposable shell is placed on the eyelids. The device heats the glands for 12 minutes through the inner side of the eyelid (this is much more effective than trying to warm them form the outer skin surface), and gently compresses the lids to empty the glands of the old thickened oily material.

Patients generally note a gradual improvement of their symptoms after several weeks after their glands have re-activated to more normal secretion

Treatment of Keratoconus

Keratoconus is a weakness of the structure of the cornea resulting in a progressive deformation of its shape. Usually, this deformation does not cause any visual symptoms, but in some cases it can result in a significant reduction in the quality of vision.

The treatment of keratoconus aims to solidify the structure of the proteins of the cornea with ultra-violet light. This technique is called ‘Cross-Linking’ of the cornea.

Laservue-ICOM was the first clinic in Quebec to acquire the latest generation Avedro system.